Horrible news

<- This image perfectly sums up my plight. (it's from a comic called The Meek)

The stick figure thing is on hold until I can find the index card booklet and re-shoot it with the camera. Turns out the card was corrupted somehow and had to be reformatted.


4am again...

I thought I made it explicitly clear on my Face-book wall: I'm not allowed to be on the internet after 3am.

That being said, time to post something personal that I'll most likely regret later!

I've realized that the key to being funny on the internet is negativity. Look at all the internet reviewers that are popular now. Most of the things they target are horrible and half of what isn't horrible is being mercilessly insulted on a whim. No one wants to watch a video about how good something is, people would rather just up and watch the source material than hear about how they need to watch it.

But I will listen on and on for hours about how shitty something is. I watched a movie called Highlander: The source when I was in college and it made me so angry I almost punched a hole in a wall. Recently I watched Spoony's forty minute review of it and all old grievance was rekindled. I watched it twice more after that.

I've been writing a thing I hope to illustrate and it's gotten to the point where my concepts have spilled over into sequel territory.

Search in Google the word HauntedBeef and I'm the second thing that pops up.